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Florida Courier: Book Reflects on the 'Firsts' Who Desegregated Schools

“African American Girls, Devlin suggests, had as much physical courage as boys, but more maturity, patience and social finesse, essential qualities for desegregation’s ‘hire wire act.’ […] A Girl Stands at the Door also demonstrates that school desegregation was a grassroots movement.”

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The Atlantic: The Forgotten Girls Who Led the School-Desegregation Movement

“…I think the resilience that these young women had is hard to imagine. One would think that it would have been a crippling experience, but they sensed from a very early age the weight and enormity of what they were doing. They came to understand the notion of sacrifice for social justice. The stamina that it took to survive was fed and reinforced by the magnitude of what they were accomplishing.”

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